Yash Dusing

Mumbai India, 400086 · +91-8779195833 · yashdusing145@gmail.com

I am a deep learning practitioner and open source enthusiast looking forward to learning new things. Also, I love myself some challenge !


Google Code In Mentor

CloudCV's Fabrik

Served as a key member of the mentors team charged with helping the students in Google Code In with their tasks involving Deep learning(Keras, Caffe, Tensorflow) and web development (ReactJS,Django).

Oct 2018 - Dec 2018

Open Source Contributor

Open Source contributions to many organisations and their projects like CloudCV's Fabrik, CloudCV's EvalAI and Shogun.

2017 - Current


Veermata Jeejabai Technological Institute (VJTI), Mumbai

Bachelor of Technology, Information Technology
Data Structures & Algorithms
Operating Systems
Database Management

GPA: 7.39

2016 - 2020

Ramnivas Ruia Jr. College, Mumbai

Computer Science Vocational

Percentage : 84.5 %

2014 - 2016


Programming Languages & Tools


Apart from being a web developer, doing competitive coding & learning about neural networks, I enjoy gaming, working out & being outdoors.

I also enjoy following a number of sci-fi and fantasy genre movies and television shows. I love watching anime & reading manga & books too.

Achievements, Projects & Certifications

  • Baby Cry Detection (Audio Classification) using CNN
  • Dogs v/s Cats classification (CNN)
  • Runner up in Blind Maze Robot Challenge (05/2017)
  • Eklavya completion - Using OpenCV to display live feedback video for people with poor vision (06/2017)
  • COC Workshop Completion - Using pygame to make snake & pocket tanks
  • Machine Learning IEEE
  • SRA'S WALL-E Workshop
  • LOOPHOLE | Ethical Hacking Workshop
  • Machine Learning Coursera
  • Deep Learning Coursera
  • Blind Maze Robot Technovanza Participation